Fitness To Work

The fit-to-work assessment is a part of the control measure by the company to manage their risk to/from workers arising from job activities in relation to workers’ health status.



It is a part of OSH Risk Management in the organization. The requirements of fit-to-work assessment criteria can be based on the regulations and company risk assessment that relate to an individual medical condition. OHPlus will assist clients in ensuring their employees are in a good state of mental, physical, and emotional health to perform their assigned tasks competently, and in a manner that does not negatively affect or put at risk, their own, or others’ health and safety and cause damage to company equipment and property.

A few types of common risk-based fit-to-work assessment

Fitness To Work Program in Malaysia
What is meant by fit to work?

“Fit to work” or “Fitness To Work Program in Malaysia” is a medical evaluation conducted when an employer wants to confirm that an employee can safely perform a particular job or task. The objective is to ascertain whether the employee can carry out the job or task effectively within the workplace conditions. Work readiness assessments are typically conducted to assess an employee’s medical fitness after an illness or injury. However, they may also be carried out when employment is offered, as requested by the employer, or as a prerequisite for a job transfer. These evaluations may also be known as Functional Abilities Evaluations or Functional Capacity Evaluations.

How is the assessment done?

Usually, the employee will consult with a healthcare specialist responsible for assessing their suitability for the specific job. The healthcare specialist will take into account factors such as physical and mental capabilities, sensory perception, skill level, and any functional limitations. Following the assessment, the healthcare specialist will typically provide one of three conditions as feedback to the employer:

Why would this assessment be done?​

An employer is allowed to ask for information from a medical professional to make sure the employee is able to work safely and that the employee’s condition does not pose a hazard to themselves or to others. A fit-to-work or fitness to work program in Malaysia assessment may be done for the following reasons (but are not limited to):

How will I know if the employer requires an assessment?

Assessments are typically initiated at the employer’s request, but employees may also opt for them voluntarily. When the employer initiates the assessment, it may be in compliance with company policies or government regulations mandating the examination. The employee’s consent is a prerequisite for this process.

In general, the employer will provide written notice to the employee, outlining the reasons for the assessment request. In cases where an in-house occupational medical specialist is not available, the company should furnish external professionals with comprehensive information about the job, its requirements, and the working conditions to ensure an accurate fit-to-work evaluation.

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